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Hi Parents,

This week we continued our discussion about disrespect and respect by reading the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. A girl felt disrespected by her peers who made fun of her name but with the help of their teacher (wink, wink) they soon wanted her name! The kids have really taken to using the words “respect/respectful” and “disrespect/disrespectful” and reminding each other how to be. It’s an interesting and welcome addition to the classroom. I’m just happy they remember what I say. 

We will add on to this discussion by talking about respecting our school, our parks, our homes, and the world around us and how we can do this. Since we are talking about it in class, this is a good time to reinforce your ideas of respect with them.

The last week before our Fall break It rained at school for the first time in a long while and we went outside and sang some old-time rain songs.That was fun.

Free Writing

Every Friday we do free writing and I get to see what they remember about Writers Workshop. (You can also do this at home as a simple test on their writing skills and sight word knowledge). They will put a cool stamp on their free writing papers so that you can tell the difference.

In Writers Workshop, we are working hard at prewriting (thinking about what we will do before we do it and making sure pencils are sharpened), drawing with detail, labeling our drawings with a full word or the beginning/ending sound, and (for some) adding a sentence or two that gives information about the drawing. Additionally, we focus on our writing posture, pencil grip, and forming letters top to bottom (ask your child about this one!)

Bringing in snacks/ Story time visitor

I would like to start having students/parents bring in snack for the class once a week. If you would like to participate please let me know by email or when you see me in person. Why wait until a birthday? Speaking of birthday… we love birthday parties in Kindergarten and even if your child’s birthday has passed we would love to still celebrate at anytime.

Additionally, you’re invited to come visit our class as a guest reader. We would love to have you!! Just let me know the day and time!


Check out the “links to things” on this blog for IXL and (after you receive the login for your child) RazKids. There is also a link to an alphabet song that says all of the letter sounds, if your child needs extra practice with that.

Please check your child’s school folder and send it back to school every day. Some students are forgetting theirs at home so please help them remember to put it in their back pack.

 Coloring characters from the Pixar movie Inside Out or as the kids say, the "Feelings movie."
 Aarna and Nur the infamous duo

 Clara said joy has to be on her face :-)

 Eyob look this way! Hi Valentin!
 Kindergarten puppet show!

 Very exciting business

 It hasn't rained in foreveeeeeerrr so this moment is worth it!

 Sneak preview of our library books while we wait for others to finish checking theirs out. We learned how to check out library books with a scanner! And we know what a barcode is now!

 We are so mature.

 And so busy.

 Classroom jobs!!!


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