We're on a roll

The school year has started and we're happy to see all of our friends from last year and some new ones as well!

The word wall is up and going in the classroom as well as many other resources in our class that can be used to tell a story through speaking, writing, or drawing.

Do the students have any new responsibilities?


Each student has their classroom folder that should be brought to school each day so that new papers/information can go home. Each student also has a name plate that can stay at home to practice writing from top to bottom their first and last name with a whiteboard or washable marker. Lastly, each student has a sight word sticker book that she/he can keep track of their progress with reading and writing some sight words. Once it is finished they will receive a new one with different words.

I encourage them to use the sight words from their sticker book or from the word wall during class time Writers Workshop. The idea right now is that they become familiar with using the word wall as a resource (and using everything at their disposal as a resource to express themselves).

Sight words currently on word wall: the, it, and, like

Suggestions for how to work on sight words at home?

Write words on 3”x5”
cards to use as flash cards. See how
many your child can recognize in a set amount of time.

Magnetic Letters:
Have your child spell the word using magnetic letters, then
say the word as he/she runs his/her finger under the word. Mixed up the
letters and
have the child make the word again. Run finger under the word
and say it again. Repeat several times.

Imaginary chalkboard:
Students pretend that they are writing on a large
chalkboard. As they say each letter, they "write" it as large as they can. After
each word is spelled, students say the word as they "underline" it. You can
change this and have him/her write it as small as they can.

"Blast Off":
Children start spelling the word while squatting. With each
successive letter they stand higher and higher. When the word is said in its
entirety, the children jump into the air.

"Lumber Jack":
Students pretend to swing an ax as they chant each letter.
Then they pretend that the tree is falling down as they shout out the word,
rather than "TIM-BER!"

You can purchase a sight word bingo came or make your own.
Have your child write different words in each square. Using flashcards call
out various sight words. When a row is covered, yell out BINGO!

What have we been actually working on in class?

  • Respecting ourselves, our friends, and the environment
  • Learning routines and becoming familiar with the world of elementary school (i.e. lunch/snack tickets, cafeteria, playground, big kids, french class, p.e. class, keeping track of our own water bottle, remembering to bring a hat to school each day, remembering what to do when standing in line, practicing how to walk in the hallway, being friends, remembering our Kelsos choices if we have a small problem). 
  • Spell simple words phonetically
  • Break words into syllables
  • Writing first and last name
  • Writing upper and lower case letters and knowing their sounds
  • Isolate and substitute beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words
  • Introduction to punctuation ( ! . ? ) 
  • count to 100 by ones and tens
  • Represent a number of objects 
  • Concepts of print
  • Count on from a given number
  • Becoming excellent thinkers and remembering to always try our best!

At school we have a pretty busy schedule but that doesn't stop us from having fun!

 First day of Kindergarten taking a "swing break" on our tour of the school.
 First day of Kindergarten in the cafeteria!
 Reading time with puppets.

 Giulia and Mahi smiling and coloring.
 Mariam and Aarna playing Bingo for letter sounds.
 A little mid-day break to practice Yoga.


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